GeoHECRAS Training

Learn how to use our innovative engineering software faster with our hands-on HEC‑RAS training. We provide all of the resources you need to use our engineering software for your next project.

Private Onsite HEC‑RAS Training

Our Experts, Your Turf!

Private onsite courses offer your team the opportunity to get the best possible HEC‑RAS training on GeoHECRAS, the most powerful steady and unsteady river hydraulics software available. We can provide standardized and customized training. Learn from the experts that develop, maintain, and support GeoHECRAS and HEC‑RAS. Upon completion of this training, you will have complete knowledge of GeoHECRAS and HEC‑RAS and will be able to perform your engineering projects with complete confidence.

The primary focus of this training course is to provide “hands‑on” experience. Participants will learn by doing, using GeoHECRAS in real‑world modeling lessons. By combining this training with an in‑house project, participants are able to bill the training to an actual project while earning continuing education credits.

The training course concentrates on demonstrating the application of the software to a variety of standard engineering problems. In addition, CEU (continuing education units) or PDH (professional development hours) are provided to all course participants.

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Online HEC-RAS Training

Live Online HEC‑RAS Training

Official HEC‑RAS Training, Wherever You Are!

With live online delivery of our training material by an expert HEC-RAS modeler, you gain access to a CivilGEO software specialist at any location in the world and at any time that works for your company.

This training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of GeoHECRAS’ capabilities for hydraulic engineers, hydrologists, and project managers of all experience levels who are involved in floodplain studies, bridge and culvert replacements, and other HEC‑RAS modeling work.

Through “real-world” examples, participants will develop their own HEC‑RAS models and simulate different design alternatives. Tips and tricks on increasing overall proficiency and productivity are provided throughout the training.

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