Download GeoHECRAS 2D

Quickly Build 1D and 2D HEC-RAS Models using GeoHECRAS 2D

Perform 2D modeling and combined 1D and 2D modeling. The 2D flow modeling can be used for:

  • Detailed 2D channel modeling
  • Detailed 2D channel and floodplain modeling
  • Combined 1D channels with 2D floodplain areas
  • Combined 1D channels and floodplains with 2D flow areas outside of the levees
  • Connect 1D reaches into and out of 2D flow areas
  • Connect a 2D flow area to 1D storage area with a hydraulic structure
  • Multiple 2D flow areas in the same geometry
  • Connect multiple 2D flow areas with hydraulic structures
  • 2D dam breach analyses
  • 2D levee breach analyses
  • 2D bridge modeling (without pressure and bridge deck overflow)
  • Mixed flow regimes (e.g., subcritical and supercritical regions, hydraulic jumps, etc.)

Download HEC-RAS 5.0 2D Floodplain Modeling Software - Adaptive 2D Mesh Refinement

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