HEC‑RAS Training Webinar

Earn PDHs (Professional Development Hours) while learning how to more quickly complete HEC‑RAS engineering projects.

Free HEC‑RAS Training Webinar using GeoHECRAS

This HEC‑RAS training webinar is designed to provide you with an overview of ways to speed up river and stream studies, river restorations, FEMA floodplain projects, bridge and culvert analysis and design, and other HEC‑RAS modeling work using GeoHECRAS.

This HEC‑RAS training webinar is suited for civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, hydrologists, and project managers of all experience levels, but will be tailored specifically to your individual expertise to maximize the use of your valuable time. Real world engineering studies will be reviewed, showing different approaches to solving time-consuming HEC‑RAS modeling issues. Tips and tricks for increasing productivity will be provided.

You will earn one PDH for attending this HEC‑RAS training webinar. There is no cost associated for attending this HEC‑RAS training webinar.

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